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Focus on hotel jobs in the Netherlands

Specialist in jobs in hotels in the Netherlands. The hotels post all their job vacancies on the site, management positions but also internships, parttime jobs and opportunities to start your career in the hotel industry. On WerkenineenHotel.nl  you can find information of the hotels, the offered position and the requirements. You will find offers from hotels in various cities in the Netherlands and positions from cruise companies. You may use the site to start your career in the hotel industry or to find a new challenge in your current career .

Ofcourse you can apply on-line and your application will be send directly to the hotel that offers the position. Your application will not be use for other purposes or seen by other people. If you like you can subcribe to the free email alert which will send you automaticly new job openings that match your preferences. 

It is easy the search in the database and if a vacancy has been posted in the English language, command of the Dutch language will not be required. If Dutch is required, you will not find the vacancy on the English translation of the website.

werkenineenhotel 16 jaar


If you like to advertise on this site, kindly contact us on info@xs2jobs.nl or click on employers.

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